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How to Make Black: Color Mixing Guide

 Hey there, Happy Artists! Today we're gonna talk about how to make black...and why you'd even want to! Our Starting Palette The colors we're going to use to mix black paint are titanium white, naphthol red, ultramarine blue, and hansa yellow light. It doesn't really matter what kinds of paint you use. I'm an oil painter, but you can use acrylics. I use naphthol red, but you could use cadmium red. It really doesn't matter--these are just the ones that I use because they're non-toxic pigments. So it may sound crazy that we're gonna make black out of red, blue, and yellow. It sounds crazy, but when these three come together, it really does turn into black--like magic! The reason these...

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How To Find Your Art Style: 4 Tips

Hey guys, welcome to Kyle Heath Art! Today I'm going to talk about how to find your own unique artistic style, and if you watch the video, as I talk you'll see me create a stylistic piece that I was pretty happy with! Many of us have sat around looking at a blank piece of paper and thought, "what can I do that's unique to me, that isn't copying anyone else?" We'll think and think about it, and usually we're discouraged in the end that we haven't come up with something new. This kind of process usually leaves us feeling that we just may not have it in us to be different and have a unique style...but I'm here to...

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How to Make Brown: Mix Brown Paint with the Color Wheel

  Hey there happy artists, welcome to my studio! Today I want to answer the question, "How do I make brown?" I'm going to show you how to easily mix brown whenever you need it. To do so we're going to use just the primary colors. And with a couple quick, easy lessons on color theory, you're going to be off to the races mixing brown! So, let's get started! Now before we get started, I wanted to let you know it doesn't matter what kind of paint you use. I'm an oil painter, but this works equally well with acrylic. It also doesn't matter what color of red, yellow or blue you use. But for those who are interested,...

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