Coffee Mug Painting, Still Life in Oil, "Big Red"

Coffee Mug Painting, Still Life in Oil, "Big Red"

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There is something so pleasing about abstracting an image into pixels. This painting is clearly a cup, but there are so many things it does that a cup wouldn't do! Finding this line is part of the joy of painting--creating a feeling that only a painting could invoke! 

Notice how curved lines are used sparingly, to stand out and attract the attention. There is also an important variation in the size of brushstrokes. Small, medium and large brushstrokes dance around each other, creating a sense of variation among the uniformity of square brushstrokes. Cooler and warmer reds mix around to create the same feeling.

8 x 8" oil on canvas panel.

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Kyle Heath's beloved artwork fascinates viewers with its impressions of the world. By creating suggestions of the objects in the world around us, Kyle's paintings allow the viewer to imagine the details. Exploring the unique brushstrokes in Kyle's art style is sheer joy.

Fascinated by imagination and inspired by realism, Kyle's art seeks to express the real world as seen through eyes filled with wonder. Celebrate the wonderful world we are born into as you experience Art with a Smile!