Swallow The River, Figurative Oil Painting

Swallow The River, Figurative Oil Painting

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There's some zen saying that when you're enlightened, you suddenly swallow a whole river in one gulp. No idea what that means, but it was on my mind while I painted this! I've transformed the wonderful model Kat into interesting, connected shapes of color. Look at those lines move!

24" x 30" oil on canvas.

I carefully package each painting and ship it through USPS, which arrives in most areas in 2-4 business days.

My art is an expression of my own authentic self--a complicated, beautiful soup of being! I love to express objects in a loose, impressionistic way. I think it's fun and transformative to see other people's feelings, so I try to share my own feelings for others as much as I can. The shapes and colors I use express how I see the world in my own unique way! 

Imagination, wonder, and playful creativity are important parts of my being--I hope you can experience some of these feelings through looking at my art!