Wall Art Decor, Abstract Art Painting, "Avocado Palette"

Wall Art Decor, Abstract Art Painting, "Avocado Palette"

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I think the thing that makes paintings so special is the opportunity for design. I certainly love photography, but there are limitations to how a photographer can insert their self-expression into the lovely photo. With painting, there are never-ending opportunities to insert your own unique interpretation into the art. Your very heart.

Abstract art is wonderful, because the viewer can insert so much of their own interpretation into the piece. It is more primal. Before you, you see interesting brush strokes, textures, shape design, and composition. But they are all divorced from a specific meaning--it is all up to you, and each time you visit the piece, you may discover new things within!

8 x 8" oil on canvas panel.

This original artwork by Kyle Heath will look stunning on your walls! We carefully package each painting and ship it through USPS First Class Mail, which arrives in most areas in 2-4 business days.

Kyle Heath's beloved artwork fascinates viewers with its impressions of the world. By creating suggestions of the objects in the world around us, Kyle's paintings allow the viewer to imagine the details. Exploring the unique brushstrokes in Kyle's art style is sheer joy.

Fascinated by imagination and inspired by realism, Kyle's art seeks to express the real world as seen through eyes filled with wonder. Celebrate the wonderful world we are born into as you experience Art with a Smile!